Standards - a world all it's own

Ive been involved with standards before I joined Itron - a technical committee that was developing a thermometry standard for the food industry, related to the EU directive that drove the UK food Hygiene regulations.

What are the business benefits of participating in standards?

  1. It gives the business advance notice and a level of influence over future product requirements
  2. It enables you to engage with other market participants, specifically suppliers, competitors, and customers, in an environment of co-operation, helping you to reinforce business relationships.

I've experience of standardisation in the CEN world, and I can help businesses get their own participation under way, or participate on their behalf.

I've also been a key participant in British Standards work - I was involved in BS6400 in its current 3 part form.  This standard describes domestic gas meter installation, and is a classic example of preventing competitors from closing market opportunities that were open to Itron.

In addition, I've been a leader in industrial standards.  The UK Gas Industry has a professional association, the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers.  IGEM publishes standards:  I chaired the group that prepared the latest version IGE/GM/5 which details operation of Volume Converters; and participated in the work of IGE/GM/7, which details electrical connections to gas metering installations.