Smart metering with a Gas flavour.

My experience in smart metering is as extensive as the industry - about 3 years now.  Actually, Schlumberger/Actaris tried to add meter functionality with the U6s prepayment meter - Click here for the datasheet - as early as 2002.

The big technical problem then ( unfortunately the U6s never sold in volume ) is the same as now


It was not possible to make the extended featureset of the U6s - which matched the Itron market beating KBD Electricity Prepayment Meter - work with the archaic national gas prepayment system.  And because customers can change their suppliers, there was a strong risk of meters having to be removed.

I've been involved, obviously, in a range of activities with respect to smart metering.  For example:-

All this participation means that I can help businesses in many ways with respect to gas smart metering.