I'm a 50 year old bloke, who has spent 25 years in Sales, Marketing, and Product Management.

This has been in technical products - mostly test, instrumentation and metrology, though I spent some time working on Computer Peripherals during the early 1990's.

From 86 to 90 I held various roles with Bryans Instruments - manufacturer of various types of recording devices: x-y plotters and high speed paper recorders, also computer graphical plotters for laboratory, industrial, and military applications.

From 90 to 91 I worked for Aristo - manufacturer of vinyl cutting machines and digitisers - as a salesman.  Worst job I ever took - taught me hugely about marketing mix the hard way!

From 92 to 98 I worked for Digitron Instrumentation limited.  Firstly in field sales, then as Product Manager.  While Product Manager, I developed the concept of the 2000 series products.  The 2000 series is still in production 15 years later, it rationalised a huge product range into series of modules increasing production flexibility, improving delivery and customer service, and reducing production costs and stockholdings dramatically.

           (pics from t'internet!)

The above range is made from 1 case moulding ( in three colours ), a couple of main PCB/displays, a selection of sensing modules ( thermocouple, PRT, pressure, thermistor, humidity ), and a range of keymats.  The rubber "boot" is an accessory. to contact Digitron - Click here.

From 98 to 2011 I worked for Schlumberger RMS division, who became Actaris, who became Itron.

Amongst other activities, I was marketing lead on the development of the "ACD" unit meter project - See https://www.itron.com/brasil/en/productsAndServices/Pages/EU%20Series.aspx

From 2011 to 2012 I worked for Engage Consulting, as a specialist in standardisation on contract to Sensus.